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Customer love blooms with purpose-driven leadership. Meet some of the executives inspiring their teams to lead with love.

Love as a Strategy

Love as a Strategy

Customer love is an unbeatable business strategy, and it feels good, too. Companies that treat customers like loved ones earn more growth, deliver better financial returns, and make the world a happier place. They’re companies you want to work for, invest in, buy from, and refer friends to. We invite you to explore our collection of insights that prove it, many drawn from our recent book Winning on Purpose.

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Speaking the 5 Languages of (Customer) Love

Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages has spawned a cottage industry of relationship advice. Darci Darnell, co-author of Winning on Purpose, applies his five universal ways of demonstrating love to the most important relationship your business has – the one with customers.

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Measuring Customer Love

Measuring Customer Love

NPS Prism® is our CX benchmarking platform that provides unbiased Net Promoter Scores for you and your competitors to help you grow loyalty…and sales.

Now Available: Our latest book on customer love

In his latest book, New York Times bestselling author Fred Reichheld, joined this time by co-authors Darci Darnell and Maureen Burns, demonstrates with real company stories and data that grounding your company’s purpose in customer love is an unbeatable business strategy.

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How We Can Help

How We Can Help

As the creators of Net Promoter®, customer love is in our DNA. Learn how we partner with organizations looking to join the customer love revolution:

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